Samstag, 23. September 2017

Uuups... a unicorn poops... {Rainbow Quilt} /// WERBUNG ///

Hello again... My second entry to the Blogger's Quilt Festival is my "uuups... a unicorn poops!" quilt... 
It is a simple rainbow charm pack quilt with a lot of space for negativ space quilting. I use this top for a example to show how quilting an a longarm machine at a exipition last year. The negative space was no problem. I divided the space in six sections and use at every section an other pattern. Always alternating a freemotion motiv and straigt line ruler work...
But for a long time I don't know what I to do with the rainbow squares until I have this idea... I saw with my inner eyes an abstract pixel poops from a unicorn... LoL... And then I know what I must quilted in these squares... stars... a unicorn poops stars, right?!
I'm just a little bit crazy... That's normal...
That's the whole story about this crazy title...
 While I took the photos I had two grasshoppers to visit...
Hello little beauty... 
The bloggers quilt festival was a good reason to make photos from this quilt! Then, I never did it befor! Shame on me! Just a quick shoot in my studio, but no outdoor photos! 
So I catch my little daughter and drive at the hill and search a good place to take photos... first stop was in the forst... an unicorn you find most time in a mystic forest, or not?... We found just the unicorn poops... lol again...
Sorry it's really late and my fantasy goes on... I write this text in my bed before I sleep. That's the best time for me to write in english... I'm tired and the words stream so easy out of my brain... So funny...  
But I digress... Back to the hill... We goes through the forest and found a nice place with view to the mount pilatus... The sun was warm but can you see the snow on the mountain?! Winter is coming! This is the first snow this fall! We can feel the snow in the wind and it was really windy! First my daughter hold the quilt and I take the photos but not for long. It was to difficult for she. So we switch our place, I hold and she takes the photos! She makes a really god job! A lot was blurry but between I found a few really good shoots! Kids learns so fast... 
And for the End... Here is my unicorn... At the label... A little unicorn with a great p**ps... oke, now is enough! I stopping... and say thank you, when you read this whole crazy words...

 Quilt Stats:
Quilt Size: 39" x 53"
Quilt Pattern: just a charm pack 
Fabric: Kona Cotton 

Pieced: by me
Quilted: by me

Have a nice day with a lot of glitter sparkles


  1. Awesome quilting and a spectacular photo shoot!!

  2. *gg* Ja, dein Post ist wirklich lustig zu lesen. DAS Quilting ist genial geworden und der Quilttitel passt so gut. Die Fotos sind wunderschön geworden und die Kulissen sind ein Traum. Da will ich sofort wieder in die Schweiz in die Berge.
    LG, Rike

  3. So simple and so perfect!!! Well the quilting is far from simple and the divide and conquer strategy was perfect. And the name? It made me smile :)

  4. Hi, Iva. The quilt is so bright and happy and the quilting is intensely impressive!! Very nice.

  5. It is absolutely perfect! I love it so much, I pinned it to one of my Pinterest boards so now I can revisit it often!

  6. Beautiful quilt! The quilting is amazing and I love the label!

  7. Just beautiful! And your quilting is magnificent!

  8. Ach Iva, Du quiltest einfach so wunderschön!


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